Beautiful, Cost-Effective Engineered Floors In Overland Park

Engineered wood flooring is remarkably similar to traditional hardwood floors. Manufactured wood floors has a faster installation process, is resistant to damage from moisture, and has a lower price point. All of these benefits make it an excellent choice for your home's floors. At Floor Coverings international®, our flooring specialists assist you in deciding which high-tech, low-fuss flooring is best for your needs and style.

The Latest Manufactured Wood Flooring

The beauty of wood is that it fits right in with any design and decor you may have going on in your home. Manufactured wood flooring has a bottom layer of compressed plywood and fiberboard, but it also has a thin veneer of solid wood that gives it the look of hardwood. Different types of wood have different wood grain patterns and varying colors. You can get customized engineered wood that is in line with your interior design in the best way and makes your home a cohesive space.

Beauty and durability are just a couple of reasons why engineered wood is still a top choice for flooring. Wood has the capability of boosting the appearance of any room, whether it's a traditional dining room or a casual living space. At Floor Coverings International®, we carry an inventory of engineered wood floors from top manufacturers in the industry. We have the best options, no matter your style or budget. Install floors you'll be proud to show off!

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What Wood Flooring Style is Right for Your Home?

At Floor Coverings International®, we make shopping something to look forward to. If you haven't had the pleasure of living in a home with wood floors, you can learn more from our flooring specialists. We understand that deciding between solid wood, engineered, or laminate wood can be difficult. We're here to provide our knowledge and help you choose the best flooring option for your home and price point. With our Mobile Flooring Showroom®, we bring flooring samples to your home. It makes this process less stressful by letting you check out samples from the comfort of your own living room. A team member will show up for the consultation, prepared to learn about the different styles and advantages of engineered wood floors. We're available to address any concerns and find out what the possibilities will look like in your space before you make your final decision. Your local flooring specialists in Overland Park will help you at every step of the way, from choosing the best choice to handling the installation.

Advantages of Manufactured Wood Floors

  • Engineered wood mimics the appearance of wood because it's made with a thin wood veneer and comes in a range of tones and varieties of wood, including maple, walnut, oak, hickory, and more.
  • The lower layer is engineered wood made of high-density fiberboard and compressed plywood.
  • Boards are assembled perpendicularly to create a strong and grid-like framework.
  • It offers more water resistance because of the adhesive and wax holding it together.
  • It is a green alternative because its core and backing can contain up to 70% of recycled wood.
  • Our relationships with top flooring manufacturers in the industry let us provide our clients with more value.
  • Hardwood flooring installation services are done to the highest standards of quality and will certainly retain their charm over time.
  • Manufactured wood flooring is both aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain.

We're Committed to Excellence and Satisfaction

Floor Coverings International® has Design Associates you can trust in Overland Park with over 370,000 contented customers. No other flooring company offers a shopping and installation experience quite like ours. We’re the only company that brings flooring samples to your home to help you choose from the best flooring styles and see how the completed result will look before you decide on a certain style. Our business procedures are 100% focused on the client, and we offer you better-than-you-imagined products at competitive prices.

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

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Manufactured Wood Flooring is a Sensible Option

Manufactured wood flooring is an excellent choice for any homeowner in Overland Park who is wanting to add value and a timeless design to various areas of their residence. Wood floors are a great way to give off a comfortable and cozy environment that'll make you look forward to winding down in your home. The rich tones and charm of wood flooring have great ability to raise your property value, meaning it's a worthwhile investment. They're certain to be eye-catching and make an impression on your guests. Engineered wood floors are a cost-effective option that gives you the best of both worlds in terms of their classic hardwood-like qualities and lower rate.

In addition to looking fantastic, this flooring style is low-maintenance and easy to make it last for a long time. By sweeping and wiping down your floors with a disinfectant, you can minimize dust, pet dander, bugs, and bits of food. It helps to steam clean or vacuum your floors, although manufactured wood floors are generally more resilient when contrasted with other types of floors. This type of routine maintenance will lower dirt and dust in your home and keep your new floors looking their best.

The strength and purpose of engineered wood flooring allow it to better resist foot traffic in a busy house. The wood veneer will last a long time with the right maintenance, and its timeless appearance is sure to age well. Engineered wood flooring is more water resistant and sturdy, so you're better able to avoid any water damage or other problems with regular cleaning. It makes sense to invest in a more economical alternative that looks just as beautiful as real hardwood and will stay looking great for a long time.

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Floor Coverings International® offers everything from concept design styles to installing engineered wood, laminate wood, and hardwood floors. The look of our laminate wood and engineered woodflooring mimics the beauty of traditional hardwood. They also have a lot in common in terms of resilience and strength. The workmanship and technology you’ll find from other types of wood flooring give way for numerous choices for you, including possibly saving money and fewer difficulties during the installation process. No matter what type of floors you pick, make sure you get it from our location in Overland Park.

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Finding the perfect flooring shouldn't have to be a struggle. Floor Coverings International® makes the process effortless! One of our Design Associates will arrive at your home in our Mobile Flooring Showroom®, where you'll be able to browse our inventory and even see what our engineered wood flooring choices look like in your home.