The concept of giving back takes on many forms, including donating money, empowering others, volunteering time, or volunteering skills to complete a project in need of those specific talents. But as much as we’d like to say it’s all about being selfless, the truth is—it’s not. When we give back we enjoy ten times the gratification than the amount of time, money, or talent we sacrifice. In actuality, giving back is not a sacrifice at all, because it rewards us with so much more than we’re giving.

We are proud to support the charitable events and community efforts with national and local initiatives. Floor Coverings International and our sister companies have had the pleasure to serve dozens of local and national charities. In the past year, through a partnership with one of our suppliers, we have donated more than $60,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Most recently, we have partnered with Ronald McDonald House, where we host events then donate a portion of all sales directly to the charity. To find out more about the FirstService initiative or volunteer to partake in events within your community, our Social Purpose Calendar includes a list of all scheduled upcoming events.

We have pride in our brand and respect for the communities we serve. It is with great pleasure that we can continue our mission to give back, help those in need, and build a community where everyone is actively involved in achieving what is needed for the greater good.

Ronald McDonald House Charities St. Jude Children's Research Hospital