Garage Floor Tiles

Tile is the perfect design solution to express creativity.

At Floor Coverings International®, we focus on helping customers find the best flooring solutions for different areas of their homes. This includes installations for garage floor tiles, so you can park your car in a warm place and protect it from the elements. Garage floor tiling isn’t always the first choice, but many homeowners experience a noticeable difference and enjoy the benefits of having it installed. Let’s highlight the advantages of garage floor coverings, which can instantly boost the form and function of your car storage space.

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Different Types of Tile Flooring

What are the Benefits of Garage Tiles?

The perks of adding tiles to your garage floors are numerous. Homeowners can choose to add either modular tiles, which snap together for easy installation, or ceramic tiles for a truly luxurious appearance. The tiles placed in garages are made from robust materials to withstand heavy use and water, oils, and chemicals exposure. This flooring option is great for any layout and will cover any old, imperfect floor you once had.

Today, many mosaic flooring patterns are pre-made and connected to a mesh backing for easy installation. They can come in rectangular, square, or hexagonal shapes and are adhered to the floor or other application with thin-set mortar. The tile sheets can be cut to size to fit into flooring or wall spaces that may have unique architectural angles.

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Adding tile to the floors in your garage offers benefits like:


Your garage floor is already strong, but adding under-car tiling can take its strength to the next level. If you routinely work on your car in your garage, adding tile can help your floor stand up to jacks and jack-stands more easily. Make sure that you opt for modular flooring if you use your garage mainly as a workspace. Ceramic tile can chip if it’s placed under difficult conditions too frequently.


Who says interior design is only for the main rooms of a house? Those of us who spend a lot of time in our garage still want it to reflect our tastes and look its best. Adding tile flooring, especially ceramic tiles, can have a striking impact on the way your garage floor looks.


The cold can bother even the toughest of us in the winter months, but if time in your garage year-round is essential to you, adding tile to your flooring will add insulation to help shelter you from the bitter weather.


Tile, especially ceramic, is an investment with a great return if you ever decide to sell your property. Many homeowners find that the cost of garage tiling is well worth it due to its great benefits.


While modular tile flooring is easy to install, ceramic is more involved. Our team is here to handle the installation process with the best possible results.

Ready to talk to our Design Associates about adding tile to your garage floor? The team at your local Floor Coverings International® thrives on helping you find and protect the perfect floors for your family. Give us a call today and schedule a free, in-home consultation! We’re happy to help you craft the garage tile flooring of your dreams.

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We Carry the Best Garage Floor Tiles

No other flooring company has the customer satisfaction that we do! We are proud to bring the shopping experience to your door with our Mobile Flooring Showroom™. At Floor Coverings International®, we have the best garage floor tiles, and our process makes customers for life.

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