Is pallet flooring a good idea?

Turn to Pinterest and you will see a multitude of lovely photos of DIY pallet flooring. Truly, it looks wonderful. But is it a viable DIY flooring option for your home?

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The theory behind pallet flooring…

Pallet flooring seems like a great idea. Generally, wood pallets that are used to transport goods are thrown out after a few uses, especially if one plank is broken and the entire pallet is rendered unusable.

The theory is that these pallets can be collected and disassembled. The planks are then cleaned, cut, installed and finished as “new” flooring in your home.

Here is a very brief look at what’s involved in the process:

  1. Collect pallets. One pallet will make about 2.5 square feet of flooring, so measure your room and calculate how many would be necessary. (Hint: it is a lot!)
  2. Strip and prepare the planks. Remove all the nails and staples. Sand and clean each plank, then remove your current flooring (no big deal), lay out the planks and prepare for installation.
  3. Install your underfloor moisture barrier.
  4. Install by cutting, fitting and nailing each plank into place. Clean again, then finish your floors with a sealant.

Your total time commitment could be weeks, or even months.

And before we forget: You would need to start the entire process by choosing the RIGHT type of pallets. Many have been treated with harmful chemicals that remain in the wood, or were used to transport meats that could leave dangerous bacteria behind.

Source: Pro Floor Tips

Flooring that is safe and durable

There are reasons why most homes in most cities have residential-grade hardwood installed. The two main reasons are:

  • Safety
  • Durability

Most hardwood and laminate flooring you buy is treated with materials that are safe for your family. This flooring is also professionally finished, so you will never have to worry about splinters, nails, bugs, mold or splitting.

pallet flooring, flooring vancouver, flooring richmond bc

The truth about DIY flooring

If you are extremely handy and have plenty of time on your hands, DIY flooring might be an option. For the rest of us, we recommend choosing a type of flooring that is safe, durable and installed by professional flooring experts.

A better option for your flooring

Let us bring the floor to your door! Our flooring experts can bring a wide range of flooring options to your home so you can see and feel them for yourself. If your family is interested in budget-friendly flooring, just ask and we can provide some smart and affordable recommendations for your home!

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