When it comes to second story rooms, noise-absorption is a key flooring concern, and since the second story of your home is a common spot for bedrooms, comfort and warmth are also important considerations.

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Hardwood on the Second Floor?

Hardwood is always a favorite choice for homeowners in The Woodlands, but noise is a big downside when it comes to upstairs hardwood. Simply put, the sound of footsteps on your hardwood can be loud, and this is a big nuisance to folks hanging out downstairs.

laminate flooring bedroom the woodlands

Gorgeous Laminate for the Bedroom

One solution is to choose a softer wood, such as pine, which will do a better job at deadening footfalls. Another solution is to step outside the hardwood bubble and consider some other great flooring options!

Try Laminate Instead of Wood

Laminate is a great choice for second story rooms because it is not as noisy as hardwood. To get maximum peace and quiet from your laminate flooring, make sure you have a padded underlay installed to absorb as much noise as possible.

Laminate flooring is also warm underfoot, which is important for second-story bedrooms, and many top-quality laminate options are available in styles that faithfully recreate the desirable look of hardwood.

Laminate is also very easy to clean making it great for children’s bedrooms!

cork flooring material the woodlands

Cork Flooring is Super Sound-Proof!

Go Eco With Cork Flooring

Cork floors are another great choice for second story rooms. Cork naturally retains heat so it is pleasantly warm to the touch: great for bare toes in the bedroom. Cork is also quite springy and it is incredibly good at absorbing noise. One downside to cork is that it can be easily dented. That said, second story rooms typically see less foot-traffic than downstairs, so the softness of cork isn’t as much of a problem for this part of your home.

And of Course, Carpet

carpet bedroom the woodlands

Carpet in the Bedroom is Cozy

For second story rooms, carpet has it all. Of all the available flooring options, carpet with a padded underlay will probably do the best job at preventing noise transfer in your local home. Carpeting is also warm underfoot, and high-pile styles (extra fluffy) are very comfortable to walk on barefoot. A quality carpet floor will create a plush and relaxing bedroom environment, guaranteed.

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