Huntsville Luxury Vinyl TileLuxury vinyl is a comfortable, stylish, and affordable alternative to many other types of flooring. The only downside to vinyl is that while durable, it can fade over time. If you want to keep your luxury vinyl looking like new, one of the first things you’re going to have to do is actively prevent fading. Here are a few tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International to preserve your new flooring.

Install the Right Window Coverings

Sunlight is what generally causes the most fading over time. By installing blackout drapes, blinds, or other thick window coverings, you should be able to eliminate most of the natural light in your home. But that isn’t always desirable — especially if you want your rooms to look bright and sunny. In that situation, you can instead purchase a window tint or film. Window tints and films are available which block harmful UV rays while still letting light shine through. As a bonus, many of these tints also improve insulation in your home.

Huntsville Luxury Vinyl TileMove Your Furniture

Over time, most vinyl is going to fade. But it’s not the fading that’s usually unattractive — it’s the fact that the vinyl fades unevenly. Vinyl is going to fade anywhere that furniture is not, both due to light and because of wear. Periodically moving furniture and changing placement can help, and it can also refresh the room.

Clean With the Right Cleaners

There are special cleaners designed to work with vinyl. Not only should you mop up stains quickly, but you should consider fully mopping your floor when staining does occur — otherwise you could find yourself cleaning a particular area of your floor more often than any other area, leading to premature wear. Never use anything with a bleaching agent on a vinyl floor, as it will not only fade the vinyl but could actually damage the surface.

Keep Additional Tiles Handy

One of the major benefits to vinyl tile is that you can replace pieces of it as you go. Purchase extra vinyl tiles so you’ll later be able to replace high wear and faded areas, such as the areas that are around large windows or glass sliding doors. It’s important to purchase extra vinyl ahead of time, as the vinyl you use could go out of production.

Though most vinyl will fade, luxury vinyl tile will usually not fade as much as other types of vinyl — in fact, it may not even be noticeable over a few years of time. This is one of the advantages to using luxury vinyl tile over more affordable options. By caring for your luxury vinyl, you can get as much use out of it as possible before it needs to be replaced.

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