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Craftsman style homes are a common style across North America. This style is highly sought after by many homebuyers for its classic look that can also have a modern flare. Have you ever wondered where this popular style came from? Read on for a look into the origins of craftsman style homes and how you can incorporate trendy design elements into these classic works of architecture.

Craftsman Style Origins

William Morris, an English reformer and designer inspired by the art critic John Ruskin, was one of the founding members of the Arts and Crafts movement, which sparked the American Craftsman and bungalow styles of architecture. The movement began in Britain in 1880 as a protest against the machine-driven Industrial Age, as well as excessively ornate Victorian architecture. According to Morris, it was a battle against the age that championed rapid commercial expansion and factory-made products. Morris wanted a return to a pre-industrial, artisan society. He wanted to create useful custom furnishings for the common man; beautiful things in beautiful settings at a cost that everyone could afford. The Arts and Crafts movement quickly became an international architectural phenomenon that spread to America, inspiring Craftsman and bungalow-style homes during the turn of the century.

Craftsman Exterior Elements

The Arts and Crafts movement had a deep respect and love for the countryside, an aesthetic that’s demonstrated on Edwardsville Craftsman home exteriors. They are most often built using natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. They feature low-pitched roofs with wide eaves and triangular brackets, front porches with square, round, or tapered columns, multi-pane windows, single dormers, and exposed rafter tails and beams. Other signature elements of the Craftsman style include knee braces, window casings, and nature-inspired trim work, all of which exemplify the handiwork that goes into these homes’ designs. Many Craftsman homes are painted in natural colors, such as green or brown, and two contrasting colors often highlight the home’s many decorative details and unique supports.

Craftsman Interior Elements

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Victorian homes feature small rooms, many of which have complicated, asymmetrical shapes because of the house’s numerous wings and bays. The Craftsman style rejects that sort of ornate “dollhouse” aesthetic in favor of a more practical utilitarianism. Simple, wide, and open layouts take advantage of every available nook and cranny of square footage. Wood is the key material in a Craftsman home. From hardwood floors and built-in cabinets to mission style wood doors and furniture, wood creates a simple, cottage-like feel and emphasizes the hand making principles of the English Arts and Crafts movement. Oak, pine, and cherry are popular wood species used in Craftsman home interiors for flooring and cabinets, often stained medium-toned or dark, rich colors. Wainscoting and built-in elements (bookcases, shelving, window seats, and benches) add layers of detailed craft to these interiors.

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