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Captured in magazines like Atomic Ranch and showcased by the essential drama Mad Men, Mid-century Modern design has seen a steep increase in popularity in recent years. With many people looking to renovate mid-century homes and add a contemporary touch, we’ve worked on some wonderful projects hoping to recapture that modern look. Here at Floor Coverings International, we always work with your design scheme and space to help you choose the perfect complement for your home. We’ve put together a few great hardwood choices that tend to work particularly well with mid-century modern décor so that you’ll have somewhere to start when thinking about your next project.


Used in most Scandinavian furniture produced in the late 50’s and early 60’s, teak is a wonderful choice for a mid-century home. Not only are you able to find furniture that will easily match the color, but there are also a lot of home décor options constructed of teak. From bowls to sculpture, teak was one the most popular hardwoods during the Eames era, making it particularly well-suited for updating a mid-century home. If you’re not looking to install hardwood, there are also plenty of laminate options that resemble teak in many ways.


Birch hardwood Waukesha

Like teak, birch was a very popular choice in the 1960’s. Haywood-Wakefield popularized birch as a furniture option in the late 1950’s, creating incredibly modern versions of classic American furniture design. The company not only created incredibly lasting design, they also popularized the use of birch is mass produced numbers. This led to a general increase in the public’s familiarity with it, which in turn meant even more furniture being made of the hardwood. This makes birch floors a natural choice for a mid-century home, as it meshes well with period furniture as well as other home accessories.

We installed this birch hardwood for a local homeowner:


walnut hardwood waukesha

Walnut was a favorite choice for wood flooring in the 1960’s, probably the most popular alongside golden oak. Walnut tends to work especially well in houses with lots of color, as the deep, dark natural shade of the walnut offsets color beautifully. Walnut also tends to have a well-aged look, also due to its natural dark coloring, which suits mid-century homes incredibly well. Whether you’re going for a Danish modern look or a more American feel, walnut is a great choice for many mid-century homes.

At Floor Coverings International, we pride ourselves on our incredible product and installation teams. We’re also committed to staying up to date on all contemporary home trends, so that the next time you’re considering a new floor, we’ll be ready with all the guidance you’ll need.

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