Natural fiber carpeting is seeing a surge in popularity recently, due both to its attractive neutral weave as well as its sustainable nature. Rather than synthetic carpeting that requires petroleum and fossil fuels to make, and which ends up in a landfill, natural fiber rugs are renewable and biodegradable. One of the most inexpensive and common natural carpet types is Jute. Jute is a natural plant fiber that grows quickly and in abundance throughout India and Bangladesh. Here are the biggest advantages that will come when you choose Jute carpeting or rugs in your home, from Floor Coverings International.


As we mentioned, Jute carpet is a great choice if you’re trying to be eco-friendly. Jute is renewable, biodegradable, and carbon-dioxide neutral. Furthermore, Jute is an especially abundant fiber. It’s a rain-fed crop that requires little fertilizer and pesticides, much less than comparable fibers such as cotton. Because it is biodegradable it is used for materials like the netting around sapling roots that are used to prevent erosion through new plant growth. If your goal for the New Year was to go green, Jute carpet flooring is a great choice for you.


Jute is one of the least expensive natural fiber floor coverings. It tends to be less expensive than other carpet types such as sisal or seagrass. This is due to its abundance and speedy growth period. Unlike some common perceptions of eco-friendly flooring, Jute is actually a very budget-friendly choice.


Jute is appreciated for its natural beauty. The appearance of jute rugs and carpeting is similar to that of other natural fiber carpets. They tend to be beige, tan, or golden brown in color, and the fibers are often woven in neutral patterns. This look is one that is adaptable to most interior design aesthetics, from the modern to the traditional.

Care and Maintenance

Jute is fairly low maintenance. Natural fiber rugs and carpets tend to mask dirt and dust well, and simple vacuuming should be enough to keep your carpets looking beautiful long term. Keep in mind though that Jute can’t come in contact with water or else it will rot and stain, so it should never be wet shampooed or steam cleaned.

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