The flooring experts at Floor Coverings International are here to share some tips on how to clean the gaps in your hardwood flooring.

Sweeping your hardwood floors is a great cleaning step, but it can push small particles of dirt and dust into the spaces between the planks. Your best bet for removing this debris is by using a powerful vacuum. If you have a heavy-duty wet/dry canister shop vac with attachments, use it to suck up the dust and dirt that settles into those gaps. Don’t forget to put a towel under the vac that you’re using, as you don’t want it to scratch your floor surface.

If dirt and grime has become compacted, it may be necessary for you to loosen it with the corner of a plastic putty knife prior to vacuuming. This will be a time-consuming process, but well worth it!

After you have thoroughly cleaned your floor, asses which areas get the most foot traffic, such as entryways, and consider placing an area rug there to prevent further buildup of dust and dirt in the spaces between your flooring planks.

By all means, do not use a steam vac/mop for cleaning your hardwood floors. It’s best to stay away from steam cleaners when dealing with a hardwood floor. There are hardwood-specific vacuums out there and many get great reviews, such as this economical option or this canister version.

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