Sisal carpeting in Downers GroveSynthetic fiber carpeting is often popular for its stain-resistance and wide selection. However, natural fiber carpeting has its own advantages – it tends to be eco-friendly and durable, with interesting weaves and textures. Plus, it offers a unique alternative to more typical carpeting styles.

If you’re interested in installing a natural fiber carpet in your home, you’ll first want to learn about the different materials available. Here are a few of the natural fibers recommended by our experts at Floor Coverings International:


Wool has been used in carpeting for hundreds of years, and for good reason! Since it is shorn from the backs of sheep, wool is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is warm, soft, and durable – great for all kinds of spaces and situations. The only thing to keep in mind is that wool can be an expensive carpet material, so it may not work for those on a tight budget.


Sisal is made from the fibers of a plant in the agave family. Sisal is a tough, durable, textured fiber that is easily dyed and woven, though it is also appealing in its natural state. However, it can be a bit rough to the touch, so it may not be ideal for areas where comfort is your top priority.


Seagrass is primarily harvested from marshes in China and India. The dried grass is used to produce a durable yarn with a slight greenish tint, which is then woven into the carpeting. Though seagrass can be quite tough and resilient, it is also softer than other fibers like sisal.


Jute fiber comes from the jute stalk, a plant grown in India and Bangladesh. Like other natural fibers, it is available in a variety of dyed and woven styles. However, jute is not quite as durable as other natural fibers. If not properly maintained, it may deteriorate over time.


Coir fiber comes from the husks of coconuts, so it can be a bit on the rough and bristly side. However, coir has the advantage of being more water-resistant than other plant-based fibers, so it works well in entryways, hallways, and other areas with heavy foot traffic.

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