floor coverings international holiday home prepAre you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Are you planning a massive New Year’s Eve party for your family and friends? Hosting a small gathering or throwing a huge party comes with the inevitable – someone is going to spill something on your floors.

As a party host or hostess, you have to expect this and do what you can to prevent a problem and minimize any damage that could occur. Whether you have natural hardwood floors, laminate planks, or soft, plush carpet, there are a few things you can do to make sure your floors don’t take a beating. After all, you want your floors to look as good after the party as they did before your guests arrived.

How to Prevent Damage to Hardwood Floors

If you have natural hardwood floors throughout your home, you probably already know that they’re rather easy to maintain. But there are a few things you can do to make sure that they look pristine for years to come.

Your instinct might be to have a “no shoes” policy, but no one wants to have to take their shoes off at the door. Instead of asking your guests to remove their shoes, have a welcome mat or a small area rug at the door so they can wipe their feet.

When it comes to food and beverage spills, hardwood floors are extremely easy to clean. Be attentive to your guests and if a spill occurs, just wipe it up and move on with your party.

What we worry about most with hardwood flooring is the possibility of scratching and permanent damage. The fact is, most scratches are a result of moving and sliding furniture around. Shoes and traffic on your hardwood aren’t likely to create any permanent or serious damage. But your need to rearrange the furniture before your party can.

When you need to move chairs or reconfigure furniture, use furniture pads. Keep your floors scratch-free by placing a furniture pad under each chair or table leg. It will help you slide the furniture easily and smoothly across the floor without leaving permanent scratches behind.

How to Prevent a Mess on Carpet

While hardwood floors can suffer scratches, spills are easy to wipe away. But when you have carpet, an accidental spill can be your worst nightmare. So if you’re hosting friends and family during the holidays, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent messes and spills from happening in the first place.

When it comes to serving food, make sure you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone. Drops and spills are less likely to occur when someone is seated with their plate on the table in front of them.

If you host a cocktail party where you want people to mix and mingle, be conscious of the type of food you serve and the plates you serve it on. In other words, don’t serve your guests a piece of lasagna on a flimsy paper plate. Make sure your plates are sturdy enough to handle whatever food you’re dishing out.

Drinks are another matter. Regardless of how much you prepare, it’s always possible that someone might spill a glass of soda or red wine. When a spill happens, keep calm and tend to it right away. Don’t rub at a stain – blot it by starting from the outside and working your way in. Whatever you do, don’t scrub at it. A simple mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar is safe enough to use on most carpets and effective enough to lift most stains.

How to Keep Laminate Floors Looking Their Best

The key to keeping your laminate floors looking their best is to make sure they are installed properly in the first place. With improper installation, spills and water damage can really take its toll.

If a guest spills food or drops a drink on your laminate flooring, wipe it up immediately. Use an absorbent towel to clean the mess and be sure to dry any damp areas thoroughly. With laminate, it’s important not to leave any moisture on the floor. Moisture can seep into crevices and cause permanent damage.

Anytime you invite people to your home, there’s a chance that someone might drop something, break something, or spill a drink. As the party host, the best thing you can do is be attentive. If something spills, clean it immediately and make it seem effortless. The last thing you want to do is make a guest feel like they ruined your floors or destroyed your house!