Mid century modern tile floor in Johns CreekEven if your home isn’t a period example of authentic mid-century modern design, you can still achieve the “mid-mod” look inside. One key feature is your floor. Mid-century modern flooring is often neutral and carries throughout the large, open room. It also has clean lines and doesn’t distract from the rest of the space.

If you would like to incorporate the mid-mod look in your home, we can help! Here are some examples of mid-century modern-inspired flooring you can find at Floor Coverings International:

Large-Scale Tile

Many mid-mod interiors use large format tiles to make the space feel more open. These tiles can be made of ceramic, porcelain, or stone – just make sure that they have a clean, neutral look. Distracting colors and patterns could overwhelm your space, so it’s often best to stick to beige, white, and gray hues.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring was used in many homes in the mid-century period. It has continued to impress homeowners with its durability, resilience, and comfort. Plus, it has a fairly neutral look that blends well with mid-century modern décor. It is also a renewable, biodegradable material that is better for the environment!

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring has been around for decades (even before mid-century). It is made of a mix of natural materials, including linseed oil and wood dust. The appealing feature of linoleum is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be customized to nearly any color you want, and you could even choose a retro pattern for a fun and unique style.

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Photo Credit: Jodie Johnson

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